<a href="/new-ocean-current-madagascar">New Ocean Current off of Madagascar!</a>

New Ocean Current off of Madagascar!

Apr 12,2018 / Research
This could help scientists better understand ocean nutrient circulation (accurate Nitrate and Phosphate measurement is CRITICAL).
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<a href="/corn-hybrids-variability-creates-uncertainty-about-future-yields">Corn hybrids: variability creates uncertainty about future yields.</a>

Corn hybrids: variability creates uncertainty about future yields.

Apr 9,2018 / Research
Without further testing, people wonder which varieties of corn will do best under optimized efficiency of N fertilizer in relation to weather conditions as they change over the next few decades.
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<a href="/protecting-great-lakes-michigan">Protecting the Great Lakes, in Michigan</a>

Protecting the Great Lakes, in Michigan

Mar 31,2018 / Updates
Protect Michigan's Future: Support The Sierra Club!
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<a href="/nitrate-arctic-landscapes">Nitrate in Arctic Landscapes</a>

Nitrate in Arctic Landscapes

Mar 27,2018 / Research
Arctic tundra plants take up much more nitrate than previously thought. Some species, such as this plant Polygonum bistorta, take up more nitrate than low-latitude plants.
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<a href="/houghton-middle-school-sci-team">Houghton Middle School Sci Team</a>

Houghton Middle School Sci Team

Mar 13,2018 / Events
A team of 10 Eco-conscious 8th grade students used NECi's Nitrate Test Kits to advance to National Competition.
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<a href="/global-nitrogen-pollution-crisis">Global Nitrogen Pollution Crisis</a>

Global Nitrogen Pollution Crisis

Feb 9,2018 / Research
Can the World Find Solutions to the Nitrogen Pollution Crisis?
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