<a href="/news/mur-pending">MUR Pending</a>

MUR Pending

Nov 5,2015 / Updates
Case No. N07-0003 for the ATP using Nitrate Reductase is expected to be published in the Federal Register by early 2016.
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<a href="/presentation-mela-meeting">Presentation at MELA Meeting</a>

Presentation at MELA Meeting

Oct 16,2015 / Events

The US EPA has included NECi's enzyme-based nitrate method in the 2015 Methods Update Rule. In the new method, recombinant Nitrate Reductase enzyme replaces Cadmium for the nitrate reduction step.

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<a href="/ellen-campbell-presents-25th-annual-epa-qa-conference">Ellen Campbell Presents at 25th Annual EPA QA Conference</a>

Ellen Campbell Presents at 25th Annual EPA QA Conference

Oct 5,2015 / Events
Discover: how to use recombinant enzymes for analytical chemistry, method validation from a non-EPA perspective, and enzyme-based nitrate and phosphate methods for water!
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<a href="/enzyme-based-nitrate-testing-smartphone">Enzyme Based Nitrate Testing with a Smartphone</a>

Enzyme Based Nitrate Testing with a Smartphone

Aug 12,2015 / Technology
NECi creates technology to offer a low-cost handheld portable photometer to use with our enzyme based test kits.
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